Women Comfortable Shoes Wearing Style

- Jul 22, 2019-

      In general, if you go to the beach or visit places of interest on the flat, you can choose to wear sports sandals or casual shoes. If you go to the mountains, climbing, rock climbing or wilderness adventure, it is best to choose the soles with large particles, strong grip and non-slip. Wearable sports shoes. Comfort is the first element, followed by earthquake resistance + grip + slip + warmth. Generally speaking, if you go to the tropics or islands for water activities and land-based visits, you can wear sports sandals or casual shoes. When you go to the metropolitan area, when you are visiting or shopping, it is recommended to wear the general Flat-bottomed casual shoes can be used; if you go to the mountains, mainly for outdoor activities such as mountain climbing, running or jungle adventure, it is best to choose sports shoes with large soles and strong grip, and non-slip and wear-resistant sports shoes. The key to the impact of the foot and the ground during walking is the design of the sole. In terms of "shocking function", thick rubber soles are much better than thin leather soles. If the shoes are not shock-resistant, it is easy to cause discomfort in the feet and cause pain. On the other hand, professional casual shoes also have an air cushion design to effectively reduce the impact. The ergonomic integrated design makes the foot board completely relaxed, and it doesn't feel tired even if you travel long distances. I suggest you make a lot of comparisons when you buy, the most important thing is - try on, let your feet score yourself.


How to wear various activities:

a. Shopping: general clothing + casual shoes

b. Outing travel: windproof jacket + multi-purpose outdoor sports shoes or casual sandals

c. Snow: Snowcoat + Waterproof Boots or Snowshoes

d. Jungle, swamp: waterproof jacket + sports sandals or sailing shoes

e. Rock climbing, fishing: windproof vest + multi-purpose outdoor sports shoes

f. Selection principle: light weight, resistance to falling, accessories must be complete