- Jun 21, 2019-

    On the whole, the changes in the sports shoe last focus on the forefoot and the front tip. From the shape of the skull, there are mainly four types: pointed, round, square and square.

    (1) Round head type Mostly used for running shoes, tennis training shoes, soccer shoes.

    (2) Square head type It is generally used for the design of bicycle shoes, which is a typical special sports shoe.

    (3) Square head type Generally used for ball sports shoes, such as basketball shoes. Because the front tip is stressed when landing, the stability requirement is high, and the square-head sports shoe is one of the more used in sports shoes.

    (4) Pointed type The type design of the shoes used in special track and field competitions is not suitable for excessive landing in sports.

The change of the sneakers determines the head shape of the sneakers. Generally speaking, the round head, the square head and the square head can be replaced each other unless the front end of the sneaker is subjected to high force or movement direction.