Shoe Comfort

- Jul 28, 2019-

     1. Be sure to actually measure the test wear. Do not use the size of the shoes you bought before to infer that the size of the feet will change.

     2. Don't be confused by the size of the size, whether it is British size, European size or American size (also divided into men and women), the size of the size will be affected by the standards and design of the shoe factory, it is best to try on several adjacent size

     3. Buy shoes at night! At night, the human feet will expand slightly, just like when walking on a mountain.

     4. Try slowly, don't be too anxious to make a decision. Prepare for two and a half days to buy a pair of good shoes, try different brands and shoes as much as possible.

     5. Bring your own socks, preferably with socks for hiking boots.

     6. After tying the shoelaces, the active toes can see the front wall. After the new shoes are worn for a long time, the width and thickness may be slightly increased, but the length will never increase. Too short shoes will often hit the toes and nails.

     7. When you try on it, walk with your shoes. On the one hand, make the leather or fiber of the new shoes more elastic. On the one hand, you can also try to find out if there is any uncomfortable discomfort.

     8. Buy shoes for the right purpose, but don't think about a pair of shoes for all purposes. Don't just buy a pair of special shoes for a special trip.

     9. Grab the feeling of the foot, pick the most comfortable one, try all the shoes with the standard of that pair, only one person knows which pair of shoes is best for you, that is.