Introduction To Sandals

- Aug 17, 2018-

Sandals (sandal) is a kind of toe-exposed footwear, mainly barefoot wearing, ventilated cool like slippers, but sandals than the bottom of the slipper thick, shoe tail, the use of a little more. Sandals can be divided into a variety of types: flat with, slope and high heel. The tradition holds that sandals, like slippers, attend solemn occasions, do running and drive vehicles, and do not wear sandals properly. However, summer to the beach for a walk, amateur leisure life and so the most suitable to wear sandals. Because of its extremely simple structure, sandals are the first thing in human history to appear, and it evolved from the original inclusions. Sandals have been seen in ancient civilizations, and their appearance structure appears to be: tie straps or ropes to a solid sole.