Basic Concepts Of Sailing Shoes

- Aug 17, 2018-

1. The Orthodox sailing shoes must have an exhaust and drainage suture on the rear heel, that is, the trademark on the rear heel and the heel joint, without this suture, it is not a sailing shoe.

2. Sailing shoes must be in the water, can drain, exhaust, and the foot of the temperature, water vapor evaporation, so that feet in 5 minutes feel dry and comfortable.

3. Sailing shoes are barefoot wear, like wearing gloves, breathable, comfortable, good wear is the most basic requirements.

4. Regardless of seawater, fresh water, sailing shoes is not afraid of water, so both inside and outside the top of the leather to make. 5. The laces of sailing shoes are all pure leather, 360° surround.

The shoe eye not only must be firm, but also must be able to rust, the corrosion protection, this is also why we should use the 18K gold, or to the Iron Shoe eye special processing reason. 6. The soles of sailing shoes must have a stop-slip, non-slip design, but also must be able to stop sliding, non-slip, can be considered sailing shoes.

And the soles of the water ripple of the stop slip, non-slip cut marks, is the invention of Mr. Paul Sperry.

7. Sailing shoes are designed for water sports, so parts of the front foot should be able to bend.

8. Sailing shoes are designed for aquatic activities, but it is not wearing it must go boating, fishing, surfing, back to the brook ‧‧‧‧ many people still like to wear it to work, go up the hill and run all over the street. 9. Sailing shoes easy to wear, easy to take off, special modelling, both leisure and sports, and can be used for formal work, applicable to various occasions, easy to match a variety of clothes. A certain taste of people will love sailing shoes, it gives people the feeling is a lifestyle, attitude to life, and a little formal with the casual comfortable.