System management supply chain to ensure product quality

- Jun 10, 2019-

    Combining its many years of industry experience and applying contemporary digital technology, QIMA can provide a set of supplier quality management system for export enterprises, which not only can comprehensively grasp the quality progress of suppliers, but also be simple and clear in operation. On Qimai QIMA's online operation panel, companies can view the supplier's rankings to understand their performance, return rate and return reasons; to grasp the trend of product quality, such as exceeding AQL rate, cargo scrap rate, defect analysis, etc.; It is also possible to generate quality control activity reports by volume and cost data by region; and send product quality KPL electronic reports, and current industry levels and benchmarks to customers daily or monthly.

    It not only provides a complete supply chain management system, but also has a wealth of experience in providing QIMA for the testing and certification of products required by the local market. At present, QimaA has four ISO 17025 certified internal laboratories in the United States, Hong Kong and Hangzhou, under international, national and regional standards such as ISO, EN, ASTM, ANSI, CPSIA, FDA, AS/NZ, GB, REACH, RoHS, etc., professional technical engineers will issue certificates for compliance testing of toys, non-durable goods, glasses, gifts and accessories.

    For example, the batch shipping certificate required by the SASO mentioned above, the customer only needs to place an order and submit relevant documents on the QIMA order system. The professional staff will help the customer (importer) to create a SABER account and register the product; They will assist the customer to solve the SABER system problems encountered, prepare technical documents (product images, labels, compliance reports), shipping documents (invoices, packing lists, QIMA application forms), and finally pass the SABER system audit documents and Issue a formal certificate for batch shipping.


    At present, QIMA works closely with brands, retailers and importers around the world to manage, optimize and secure its supply chain. Its efficient service and competitive price have benefited customers in more than 120 countries around the world. . In the future, it will continue to serve Chinese companies and help them to trade smoothly and seize opportunities in the current international trade situation.