Slipper culture

- Jul 06, 2019-


Slippers are also closely related to the culture of certain regions. In many Asian countries, indoor slippers must be replaced in the house. There are also special bathroom slippers in the toilet, and the slippers of the owner and the guest are usually different.

Tropical area

In tropical countries, it is quite common to wear slippers outdoors. Many people who work in the streets do not have a pair of slippers for work. Most restaurants do not prohibit wearing slippers.

Sightseeing spots

Some coastal sightseeing spots are also popular with slippers, so some high-end restaurants, clothing stores or department stores will post a slogan “No slippers to enter” on the door.

Formal occasions

It is not ceremonial to wear flat-bottomed slippers in formal occasions, such as attending graduation ceremonies, going to church, visiting temples, etc. In the Jade Buddha Temple in Thailand, it is stipulated that visitors cannot wear slippers without heels.