Performance and Price Comparison of TPR, RUBBER, EVA, MD,and PU AIR CUSHION

- Dec 06, 2018-

TPR is heavy, elastic, and wear resistant. The rubber sole is also heavy, but it is soft, very wear-resistant, has strong grip, but has poor elasticity and is generally used in indoor soccer shoes and casual shoes. The EVA bottom is very light and flexible, but it only wears a long time and the elasticity is reduced and becomes a little more practical. The PU and MD bottoms are elastic and not deformed for a long time. They are more flexible and comfortable during exercise. They have a small specific gravity and are light, so they are widely used (PU has better shock absorption than MD density, but it is also relatively heavy). Generally, the large negative film is made of rubber, which is wear-resistant and non-slip.

In terms of price, TPR is the cheapest, PU=TPR×2, MD=TPR×4, MD air cushion=more than TPR×4, PU air cushion=TPR×4-6 times.