How to match sandals

- Jun 30, 2019-

     Different Roman shoes, each chain has beaded decoration, plus a small wedge heel, it is very feminine, and very easy and convenient, very typical boho sandals.

     The classic cross-wrap design, combined with the blushing color elements, easily highlights the inspiration of the owner's FASHION. The style of the wedge is feminine and not tired.

     Super Van's a small wedge sandals, the design of the rhinestones, highlights the unmistakable personality, the design industry of the toe is very good!

     Light and sweet navy style, giving a refreshing feeling, woven with a bow design, put on it, instantly transform into a sweet little cute lady, how can not let him love it.

     A very stylish washable denim fabric, a very chic sandal, plus a delicate hemp wedge, put on her, is definitely the focus of the street.

     A super-high-heeled high-heeled shoes, super high-heeled stilettos will show off the femininity, and the upper legs will not only stretch the body, but also make a big name and a strong gas field.

The thick heel platform design makes this pair of high-heeled shoes more controllable, retro colors, and more grades, elegant and noble.