How should the canvas shoes be worn?

- Jun 17, 2019-

Lead: We often encounter an important problem in our daily life, that is, we are very happy to buy a new pair of shoes to go home, unexpectedly, wearing a day back, I found that the heel has been worn out, love shoes can not wear

1.Wearing thick socks

In many cases, the sneakers are worn because the sneakers and foot types that have just been produced are not suitable. If your feet have been blown by canvas shoes, then the best way to recommend them is to wear a pair of thick socks to protect the pair. At the same time, the foot can alleviate the discomfort of the canvas shoes.

2. Warm water soaked canvas shoes

If you are worried about your canvas shoes, you can soak the newly purchased canvas shoes with warm water before wearing. Pay attention to the water temperature is not too high. The reason for soaking the canvas shoes with warm water is that warm water can purify the layer of glue on the canvas. This way the canvas shoes will become softer accordingly, and they will laugh at the possibility of the canvas shoes grinding feet. If you don't know what to do with the canvas shoes, you can try this method.

3. Squeeze with a mineral water bottle

If the above two methods can't solve the problem of your canvas shoes, then you can try the method of squeezing with a water bottle, because the canvas shoes are worn on the edge of the part, as long as we use the wet towel that is overheated. Apply a part of the grinding foot, and then use the mineral water bottle to squeeze the part of the canvas shoe to grind the foot, you can do it, but this method is best to perform several times, the effect is good.