Correct Wearing Habits

- Nov 22, 2018-

For a good pair of shoes, in addition to its own material maintenance, the correct wearing habits can improve the durability of leather shoes.

First, avoid wearing shoes in the following situations:

A, rainy days, sports, mountain climbing, riding a motorcycle or bicycle, especially sewing shoes.

B, wet and slippery ground, rugged ground, snow, sandy ground.

C, step on water, gravel and hard objects.

Second, when new shoes are not easy to wear, don't be reluctant. Choose shoes that match the foot type and use shoe pumps and stockings, and try to avoid wearing too long time or walking too much.

Third, when taking off your shoes, do not step on the heel to avoid the phenomenon of stacking.

Fourth, when you buy leather shoes, you can add a rubber palm for the sole first , it's not only can protect the shoes, but also play a non-slip effect.

Fifth, pirie will be discolored in case of heat and friction, so you should wear colored socks. Dark lies should not be worn in light coloured socks.