Classification of Sports Shoes Material and the Introduction of Their performance (2)

- Nov 28, 2018-

3. Microfiber: soft texture, uniform texture, performance is very close to natural skin, but more uniform than natural skin thickness, more balanced, is one of the best materials in artificial leather. The cheapest price is also more than 60 yuan per yard, good as high as 200 yuan, and most of our shoes currently use this material.

4. Natural leather: It is widely recognized as a material. It is breathable, soft, resistant to peeling, folding, cold, and durable. The disadvantages are flaws, many pores, and irregular shape. Natural skin has always been loved by people; there are many kinds of leather for shoes, such as cowhide, pigskin, deer skin, ostrich skin, squid skin and snake skin. Sneakers generally use cowhide. The cowhide can be divided into the top layer and the second layer. The top layer is also called the bead skin. The second layer is called the second skin or the patent leather. The price of the top layer is 35 times that of the second layer. Sneakers, especially basketball shoes, use a lot of top layer cowhide, which is very valuable.

5. Mesh: Mainly divided into three categories, the main material mesh cloth, used in exposed areas of the upper surface, light and good breathability, bending resistance, such as sandwich mesh. Neckline accessories, such as velvet, BK cloth, and lining accessories, such as Lixin cloth. The main characteristics are wear resistance and good ventilation.