Classification of Sports Shoes Material and the Introduction of Their performance (1)

- Nov 26, 2018-

The upper materials of sneakers are mainly PVC, PU, nuba, microfiber, natural leather, mesh and other major categories. Then, let's introduce them one by one.

1. PVC: Most of them are cheap, have poor texture, are not cold-resistant, and are not resistant to folding; generally the products do not use PVC as fabric.

2. PU leather, Nubuck: It is the most commonly used material on the market. PU leather is soft, elastic, feels good, and the surface is shiny. The surface of the nubuck is frosted, with a rough feel, less luster and a matte finish, and most of it is inelastic. Nubuck and PU are different, but they all have their own characteristics. Relatively speaking, PU is used more widely, and the price ranges from tens to a hundred. The sneakers use the mid-range nubuck and PU leather to make the upper.