Classification and Performance of Outsole Materials of Sports Shoes(2)

- Dec 01, 2018-

3. EVA: Commonly used for jogging, slow walking, casual shoes, and foot training shoes. Advantages: light weight, good elasticity, good flexibility, not wrinkle, excellent coloration, suitable for all kinds of climate. Disadvantages: easy to absorb water, not easy to corrode, environmentally friendly, easy to dirty.

4. PHYLON (MD): The main material used in the international running shoes, tennis shoes, basketball shoes midsole, can also be used for casual shoes outsole. Advantages: Lightweight, flexible, fine appearance and good softness. Easy to clean, hardness, density, tension, tear, and elongation. Disadvantages: not easy to corrode and environmentally friendly, easy to wrinkle at high temperatures, easy to shrink.

5. TPR: Commonly used for jogging, slow walking, casual shoes midsole, outsole. Advantages: easy to mold, cheap. Disadvantages: heavy material, poor wear (no wear resistance), poor softness, poor bendability (not resistant to folding), poor shock absorption.