Can't China produce high quality products? Foreign netizens prove that China is reliable!

- Jun 13, 2019-

    A US netizen with a career as a world traveler believes that from the world's cheapest items to the most high-tech products, China's manufacturing is all-encompassing. Moreover, Chinese are better, faster, more adaptable, and cheaper than American manufacturers. There are two reasons why people have misunderstood Chinese manufacturing. First, the holders of quality goods attempt to hide the fact that goods are made in China. Some companies prefer to label "California Design" instead of "Made in China." This has led to the public not knowing which great products are made in China, but only knowing which bargains are made in China. Second, many great Chinese products are not exported. They have very good markets in China's second- and third-tier cities. Therefore, many of China's top companies use their domestic markets as their priority. Some of these companies are just beginning to focus on overseas markets and buy foreign trademarks.


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A German netizen who worked in China praised Chinese manufacturing. He said that if I realize what I have been working in China for a while, it is that if you want to buy a "Made in China" product, the best way is to buy it in China. Buying in China is much better than buying it in your own country.